Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nosh: Salmon & Veggies

I love fish!!!
Growing up in a Greek island, fish was always a big part of my family's diet, but I couldn't appreciate it then. Now, that I live alone in Athens, I miss eating fresh fish.

This is a recipe I tried today: Salmon with veggies in the oven. I used onion (love), zucchinis, carrot and red pepper, made a pouch with tin foil and placed everything in! Also, I put lemon juice inside along with a lot of spicy herbs.

This was the finished product:

 I could hardly wait to dig in...

And in a totally different note, here are my nails:

I used H&M Polishes-they're cheap and nice- in "Bella's Choice" (turquoise) and "Miss Stone Heart" (grey). I love polka dots on nails, it's a fun way to put more colour on a nude nail or tone down a bold one!!

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